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Does Martha from HR ever tell you you're 'cute' and not beautiful? Does she tell you about how her husband Dave bought her the latest exercise machine from the shopping channel, yet only buys you cheap coasters from her vacation to Winsconsin for Secret Santa? Well show Martha (and her faulty work out equipment) what's what with the newest stair stepper in town. Guaranteed to make her jaw drop when she sees how fashionable you are, AND how this cap magically makes your chubby baby face transform into a marble sculpture. She'll have to start telling the girls in the lunchroom about your cheap perfume for now on, because you're no longer cute, you're now the face of fashion and fun times. (May or may not be fun to watch it droop in front of your face, or vibrate vigorously when you shake your head, it's better than Pong!)

Stair-stepper cap